Fate Undone pdf chomikuj


Fate Undone pdf chomikuj

A god in disguise

No one in the Prison for Magical Deviants knows that prisoner Logan Laufeyson has a secret identity. He is the ancient trickster god Loki, in magical disguise on a mission of his own. A mission that will come to a sudden and disastrous end…

The woman he’s never forgotten

Demi-goddess Sylvi has spent eight hundred years trying to forget her long-ago affair with Loki, which destroyed her dreams and got her banished from her home. When Loki escapes from prison and stumbles through her door with a problem that threatens both their lives, she must set aside her anger while trying to resist a passion she’s never forgotten. The fact that her magic can be enhanced by sex makes ignoring Loki even harder—especially when they must utilize her rare talent.

A plan of ultimate evil

Thrown together, Loki and Sylvi must foil a masterful plot that threatens not only their lives, but every god in existence. It will take all of their power, and all of their long-buried love, to face the ultimate danger – or vanish and be forgotten forever…

Fate Undone pdf chomikuj

Fate Undone pdf chomikuj

Książka Fate Undone pdf została napisana przez przez Linsey Hall. Fate Undone mobi ma 338 str. stron. Fate Undone chomikuj należy do serii The Mythean Arcana (tom 5). Fate Undone pdf jest książką z gatunku fantasy, science fiction.

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