House of Darken chomikuj pdf


House of Darken chomikuj pdf

When Emma moves to Astoria, Oregon, she is given two rules:

#1 – Don’t cross to “their” side of the street.

#2 – Don’t mess with the elites, especially Lexen Darken, top elite and resident bad boy.

While she finds this both weird and insulting, Emma has no actual intention of breaking these rules – until her guardians go missing. Now all bets are off. Only a single line separates her side of the street from the elites’, and she’s crossing it.

Captured and held by Lexen and his brothers, she learns the rules are in place for a very good reason. There’s a secret world hidden in this small town which goes far beyond the one she knows and understands.

A world not for humans.

House of Darken chomikuj pdf

House of Darken chomikuj pdf

Książka House of Darken chomikuj była napisana przez Jaymin Eve. House of Darken mobi ma 340 str. stron. House of Darken pdf należy do pozycji z cyklu Secret Keepers (tom 1) . House of Darken chomikuj jest książką z gatunku literatura młodzieżowa.

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